Minnesota State Fair Information Booths answer up to 180,000 questions a year. Here are the top 5.

There are 10 Information Booths strategically placed around the Minnesota State Fair. Fair officials tell me each booth will answer 1,200 to 1,500 questions per day. That’s up to 15,000 questions total and up to 180,000 questions over the 12 days of the State Fair.

That’s in addition to the 500 phone calls the State Fair will get each day during the Great Minnesota Get Together with questions. They also answer questions via email and on social media.

Here are answers to the top five questions asked by Fairgoers at Minnesota State Fair Information Booths:

1. Where can I rent a scooter?

There are five electric mobility scooter and wheelchair rental spots at the Fairgrounds, but if you know you need one, you can rent it before you even head out to the Fairgrounds.

The rentals are handled by HomeTown Mobility. You can call them at 877-928-5388 to reserve an electric scooter or a wheelchair for a full day rental.

The scooters are available for half day and full day rentals. They are first come, first served.

Full day: $65
Half day: $45 (from 7 am – 3 pm or 3 – 11 pm)

In addition to mobility scooters, you can rent wheelchairs, wagons for kiddos, single and double strollers.

All day prices:
Wheelchairs: $25
Wagons: $17
Single stroller: $15
Double stroller: $17

For more information about mobility on the Fairgrounds, click here.

2. Where is an ATM?

There are ATMs scattered about the Fairgrounds. To find the one closest to you, look on a map — they’re marked with a $.

Note that a $3 convenience fee is charged to all ATM transactions on the Fairgrounds. That’s in addition to any fee your banking institution may charge. Bottom line: bring plenty of cash.

There is a Bremer Bank at Visitors Plaza located at the middle of the Fairgrounds. It’s open from 7 am to 4 pm.

An increasing amount of places around the Fairgrounds take credit cards. You are able to buy admission tickets via credit card. You can also buy admission tickets in advance.

3. Where is the nearest Pronto Pup or corn dog?

I love Minnesotans.

4. Where is the nearest bathroom?

Sure, they’re marked on a map, but not all bathrooms are created equal.

In my opinion, the best bathrooms at the State Fair:

  1. North: near the North End along Murphy Avenue
  2. South: next to the International Bazaar
  3. East: just south of the Kidway on Cooper Street
  4. West: At the west end of the West End Market along Dan Patch Avenue

5. Where can I get breakfast?

The days of the dining halls at the State Fair have dwindled down immensely.

The Hamline Dining Hall is still going strong. When I asked the Minnesota State Fair’s Media Relations team what their favorite foods are, they mentioned the gluten-free muffins are top notch. Get their full list of hidden gem foods by clicking here. The Hamline Church Dining Hall in on Dan Patch Avenue between Underwood & Cooper.

Another food on that list is the Peg Muffin, available at The Peg, the State Fair’s only full service restaurant. The Peg Muffin is a sandwich with fried egg, sausage, tomato and cheese. The Peg is on the outside of the Agriculture Horticulture Building across from the International Bazaar.


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