The cheapest beer, pop and water at the Minnesota State Fair

Don’t overspend on beer, pop and water at the Minnesota State Fair!

I was on KSTP-TV’s Twin Cities Live with the insider advice on who has the best deals.



  • Midway Mens Club
  • Underwood Street behind Visitor’s Plaza and across from the Butterfly House
  • $6.50 20 ounce taps and $4.00 12 ounce taps of Miller Lite, Coors Lite, Michelob Golden Light and Grain Belt


  • 12 ounce tap of Summit or Grain Belt Blu is $5
  • $5 Corona, Blue Moon, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, White Claw and others



  • Coca-Cola at Mac’s Grill in Food Building
    • 33 ounces for $3


  • Root Beer at Root Beer Barrels (4 locations)
    • 33 ounces for $3


  • RC Cola, Sunkist, 7 UP and Dr. Pepper at RC Cola Booth near Visitor’s Plaza
    • 20 ounces for $1.50 with coupon in Blue Ribbon Bargain Book
    • The 33 ounces is not the good deal here
  • Note: You can bring pop with you to the Fairgrounds


  • You can bring a filled water bottle with you onto the Fairgrounds
  • The Fair has water bottle filling stations
  • There are water stations around the Fairgrounds, including KSTP TV


  • If you are to buy water, purchase it at Rice Kristie Bars on Carnes near Ye Old Mill
    • 2 bottles for $3.50 or 1 for $1.95
    • They also sell 16 ounces of pop for $1, which is a good deal

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