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Give Me The Mike's Amp Program is designed to be a platform for a wide array of writers from diverse backgrounds.

If you love to write and have something to share about Minnesota, Give Me The Mike wants you to join our team of contributors!

Give Me The Mike’s Amp Program

Give Me The Mike’s Amp Program is designed to be a platform for a wide array of writers from diverse backgrounds. Contributors will join the resources Give Me The Mike provides, including a 2020 audience with nearly 600,000 page views, along with 3,800 Facebook likes, 3,700 Twitter follows, and 2,200 Instagram follows.

Plus, Give Me The Mike has sturdy connections with media, especially in the Twin Cities. In 2020, Give Me The Mike was featured on the following:

In addition, Give Me The Mike’s Mike Marcotte is a regular contributor for Lavender Magazine and is a guest contributor for Twin Cities Business.

Become a Give Me The Mike Amp Program Contributor

The number of articles you write is up to you! However, to be an Amp Contributor, you’re asked to contribute at least one article every three months.

So, what content are you looking for?

Don’t think too hard about this. The best articles stem from conversations you have with people you know.

What does that mean? Write about the things you are talking about!

I love holiday lights. As a kid, I remember riding around every year with my mom to go see them. So when the popular Holiday Lights in the Park ended after the 2016 holiday season, I heard many Minnesotans needed a new place to see a holiday light show. That’s how my Minnesota Holiday Lights Display Guide started. In 2020, the Guide saw over a quarter million page views.

Some of the most engaging content I post on Facebook is about everyday stuff. For example, posts tipping people off on the Target store with the biggest selection of discounted holiday decor, or asking people when they will take down their Christmas tree, or surveying what’s their favorite grocery store. These are simple things that many can relate to.

Your articles should have information in them. They can be tips, tricks or advice. Remember, the tips and tricks you use daily might be brand new to someone else.

To fit well with the other articles on Give Me The Mike, your content should be Minnesota-centric or appeal to Minnesotans. If you submit an article on buying knives, you could talk about the best local place to get them sharpened. Or if you want to share a recipe that you love, you can tag a locally-owned store selling a specific spice or product used.

To guide you in the right direction, here are some of the most-clicked articles from Give Me The Mike in 2020:

Those are information dense articles, so don’t worry about your articles being that long. However, the more information you can provide, the better!

Still need some inspiration on what you should write about? Here are some article ideas. If one speaks to you, feel free to email me and claim it!

  • Best ways to keep your toddler entertained in the Twin Cities
  • Top 5 restaurants serving chicken tenders in Minnesota
  • Places to volunteer during COVID
  • Best hidden gems in Brainerd Lakes (or any part of Minnesota)
  • Insider guide to U.S. Bank Stadium

Amp Program Details

  • Ideal posts should be 600 – 1000 words and have at least one photo
  • It is the contributor’s responsibility to pitch article ideas
  • Posts should be related to Minnesota or appeal to Minnesotans
  • Any images attached to the article cannot have a copyright and must be original to the contributor (you can use royalty-free images)
  • At the footer of the post, a contributor’s bio can include up to one hyperlink and social media handles
  • Give Me The Mike has editorial control of content submitted; writing with extensive errors will not be posted
  • At this time, contributors are not paid
  • Contributor articles cannot have affiliate links without prior approval from Give Me The Mike. Contributor CAN NOT receive any payment, nor represent a company. Give Me The Mike has full editorial control of all external links in articles

Apply to be an Amp Program Contributor

  • Email with an introduction
  • If possible, send samples of prior work
  • Send 2 – 3 article pitches

If you have any questions about Give Me The Mike’s Amp Contributor Program, email