Best ways to stay hydrated and cool at the Minnesota State Fair

In 2016, I appeared on KSTP-TV’s Twin Cities Live at the Minnesota State Fair to share the scoop on how to stay cool and hydrated at the Great Minnesota Get Together without spending all of your cash!

Note: the information in this story was accurate for the 2016 Minnesota State Fair. Prices may have changed.

Deals on Water:

  • Bring a water bottle into the fairgrounds.  There are water bottle refill stations located in the Coliseum, Eco Experience, and the restrooms south of Kidway on the west side of Cooper Street
  • Don’t pay more than $1.75 for 20 ounces of water – the booth selling Rice Krispie Treats across the street from Ye Old Mill on Carnes has the best deal
Don’t pay $3 for a 20 ounce bottle of water! In 2016, this booth across from Ye Old Mill was selling bottled water for $1.75.

Frozen Fruit:

  • Apple Popsicles for $1.50 in the Ag-Hort Building (Minnesota grown apples available for purchase, too!)
A refreshing break from fried food: apple cider pops made with Minnesota Grown apples are available in the Ag-Hort building. In 2016, they were only $1.50
  • Frozen Grapes from Bayou Bob’s in front of the Grandstand
So simple, but so good: Bayou Bob’s near the Corn Roast and Giant Slide sell frozen grapes by the tray

Best Shaded Places to Sit:

  • Family Fair at Baldwin Park across from the 4H building
  • Between French Crepes and French Meadow Bakery across from Ye Old Mill on Carnes


Two trolleys can take you from the Creative Activities building to the Pet Center. Runs from 8 AM – 9 PM, with the exception of the parade from 2-3 PM.  One of the trolleys is handicapped accessible.

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