By request, I created a list of (free) online educational resources for parents as they spend more time at home with their school-aged children.

I majored in Elementary Education in college and dreamed of being a teacher since the second grade. Life took me in another direction, but I will always will have a passion for kids and the classroom. New to my website? Read about my journey.

Families in need of free, unlimited data, should connect with Comcast.

This website lists HUNDREDS of resources with great descriptions of what you’ll find on those pages. You can narrow your search by grade level. Best of all, there are no ads.

Over at the Travel Tomorrow Podcast, they have planned a Social Distancing Vacation with many classes, workshops and at-home experiences.

Help me add to this list! Send me a note with an online resource you and your kids love. Thanks to Katie for the inspiration to help me start this list.

Virtual Tours

Want more virtual tours? Check out this post from Maps, Memories and Motherhood.

YouTube Channels

Phone Apps

Continuing education

Facebook Groups & Pages

Resources for Parents

  • National Geographic Family
  • Don’t forget about your child’s school library’s website!
  • Check with your county library for additional online resources

Resources for Teachers

More COVID-19 Resources on Give Me The Mike

Contact me with educational resources you love!

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