Millions of people around the world have been asked to stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. After you clean your house, scan old family photos, and binge a show on Netflix, social media isn’t the only answer. Instead, educate yourself. Here’s a growing list of free online classes and seminars adults can take.

There are plenty of educational resources for K-12 students, too. I have those listed here.

Join these winemakers for a virtual wine tasting on June 5th.
  •  You can take a virtual wine tasting! A group of winemakers from Slovenia and Croatia are hosting a virtual wine tasting on June 5th, and you are able to try the wines they’re chatting about! Those in the Twin Cities have until May 31st to pick them up. If you need them shipped, you need to place your order by May 24th. The event is broadcast on Zoom.
A virtual cooking class is available on demand on Facebook and YouTube.
Many resources from the Minnesota Historical Society’s library are available online.
  • Want to do some research on your own? Residents of Minnesota are able to use the Minnesota Historical Society’s digital resources to search their family’s history for free. Local birth, death, marriage, census, immigration and military records, along with newspapers and historical photos on their website. Note, once it’s safe to venture back outside, head to the Gale Family Library at the Minnesota History Center in Saint Paul. There, Minnesotans are able to access for free. Learn more here.
  • Need to get off the couch? Planet Fitness is offering free 20 minute at-home workouts on their Facebook page.

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  1. Thank you for posting this information! I’m in Wisconsin, but learned of you through another parent’s blog and I AM SO GRATEFUL! I read your post about the new “Free educational resources for parents in this new normal” and thought you were an educational blogger until I read up on you. You’re an inspiration. Thank you again!

    1. What kind words! Thank you. Are you okay if I share your comment on social media?

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