September 17, 2021

Give Me The Mike

Exploring Minnesota and Beyond

Download this free Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

See how quickly your family can find all the items on this Christmas lights scavenger hunt!

My 2020 Minnesota Holiday Lights Display Guide is currently the number 1 Google result for “holiday lights MN” and “drive thru Christmas lights MN”.

If your family is heading out to take in light shows, screenshot this Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt. Big thanks to fellow Gustavus Adolphus graduate, Travis, for the inspiration!

Click the image above to make it full. Save it to your phone or computer and enjoy!

I would love to see your photos! Tag me on Instagram @givemethemike or Facebook @givemethemike.

Need to know where to go see lights? The 2020 Minnesota Holiday Lights Display Guide has more than 175 listings! Click here for the full list and an interactive map.