I’m Mike Marcotte. I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m a 30-something living in the suburbs of Minneapolis. I started this website, Give Me The Mike, in 2017.

I’m proud to be a Minnesota native. Yeah, it can get darn cold during the winter, but the summers can’t be beat.

Handling adversity

Like many of you, my journey has provided its challenges.

Me and my mom, Patricia, around 2001.

I lost my mom, Patricia, to cancer when I was a senior in high school. She passed away three months after she was diagnosed. Pat was one of the kindest people I will ever know. She rarely complained and was always willing to help. Sometimes I wonder how my life will be different if she was still here. On Mother’s Day 2020, I dedicated this post to my mom

When I was 24, my dad had a stroke. As the oldest child, I was forced to make a sudden decision; to keep him on life support or to say goodbye. He died May 1, 2014. It was an experience that ripped my family apart.

Those are tough experiences to live through, especially as a young adult.

Learning to adapt

Going in for an EEG sleep study at the neurologist.

When I was 28, I was diagnosed with epilepsy after two frightening seizures occurred when I was at work. There was no history of epilepsy in my family, so the diagnosis came as a surprise. That quickly forced me become more in-tune with my well-being. You can read more about my journey with epilepsy here.

Every day, I keep my head up high, my attitude in check and keep striving to do my best. It’s what my parents would have wanted.

What I’m up to today

I am currently a full-time events planner at a nonprofit in Minneapolis. I have planned events for years, serving on gala committees as a volunteer. My previous job as a television producer is event management experience, too. A TV segment is like a mini event.

In addition to my full-time job, I freelance as a magazine writer and work as an adjudicator for Guinness World Records. The Minneapolis Star Tribune followed me to a record attempt and wrote a feature article on me in 2019.

Thanks to my jobs, I have talked in front of crowds big and small over the years and have a microphone in my hand often, hence the name of this website, Give Me The Mike.

On the set of the television show I worked on in Minneapolis.


Emceeing a walk raising money for charity at Mall of America.

I’m a go, go, go kind of guy. My Google Calendar is well laid out so I maximize time. Sitting still doesn’t feel right. I always want to help and discover.

Speaking at a fundraiser for the Minnesota Boychoir (I was a member as a kid).

What’s on Give Me The Mike

As a native Minnesotan, I have collected a lot of information about what’s happening here in the North Star State. Where to eat. Where to play. My noggin can only handle so much (see ‘epilepsy,’ above), so instead, I share my findings with you. Click here for my randoMNess.

Give Me The Mike combines the best of Minnesota with traveling advice. I made traveling a priority in my life years ago, but only recently came to discover how much I enjoy travel writing. My travel articles are catered to the LGBT community (I truly came ‘out’ in 2011), but don’t let that label stop you heterosexuals from clicking around.

Along the Mediterranean in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

After living in downtown Minneapolis for years, I just purchased my first home in the suburbs! I am already posting lots of homeowner questions on my Facebook page and would love your advice.

I would love to see you more! Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Or you’ll find a contact form at the bottom of this page. And don’t forget to subscribe so you receive my latest posts in your inbox.

Thanks for visiting!

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