5 foods and drinks to keep you cool at the Minnesota State Fair

If you’re looking to cool down on a hot day at the Minnesota State Fair, check out my top five foods and drinks to get!

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The mint milkshake from the Gopher Dairy Bar will not only cool you down, it’ll also give you minty fresh breath.
  1. Mint milkshake 

What: a refreshing change to fried food
Where: Gopher Dairy Bar (attached to the Cattle Barn) on Judson
2017 cost: $6

The apple cider popsicle. Made with Minnesota grown apples.

2. Apple cider popsicles

What: a cheap frozen treat made with cider from Minnesota grown apples
Where: Agriculture-Horticulture Building (aka Ag-Hort)
2017 cost: $1.50

3. Frozen grapes

What: Grapes. They freeze them. And they’re already pre-plucked off the stems!
Where: Bayou Bob’s, next to the Corn Roast and Giant Slide
2017 cost: $4

4. Beergarita

What: Beer mixed with margarita mix. Not too sweet and just the right bit of froth. Available in lime or strawberry. Gluten-free options, too!
Where: Tejas Express, inside The Garden (Dan Patch and Underwood)
2017 cost: $9

5. Pickle dog

What: A pickle spear wrapped up in premium pastrami with cream cheese. The ultimate pickle roll up.
Where: Pickle Dog, on Carnes right before the Midway
2017 cost: $7

Also, don’t forget you can bring a water bottle with you on the Fairgrounds! Free water stations and drinking fountains are available.