Other ways to get to the Minnesota State Fair besides a free Park and Ride lot or parking there

Parking at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds is a headache. Don't do it. And in 2019, Metro Transit's free Park and Ride shuttle lots have filled up quickly, some days before 11 am. So how the heck do you get to the Great Minnesota Get Together?… Read the rest

The cheapest beer, pop, and water at the Minnesota State Fair

Prices at the Minnesota State Fair are set by vendors, so you will want to know where the best deals are on the Fairgrounds!

Go on a private tour of the Minnesota State Fair’s Creative Activities Building

Every year, 6,000 entries make their way into the Creative Activities Building at the Minnesota State Fair. From wheat bread making to garments, the division covers a lot of work done by Minnesotans. Creative Activities Superintendent Curt Pederson has been involved with the State Fair for 43 years.… Read the rest

Here’s a tailored brochure for the day you’re planning to go to the Minnesota State Fair

When I stopped by a Minnesota State Fair Information Booth, I asked the worker what was the number one question she gets. Her answer: what is going on today. Well, the State Fair has a brochure for that. Entertainment on the Fairgrounds changes daily.… Read the rest

An ongoing review of new foods at the 2019 Minnesota State Fair

31 official new foods made their debut at the 2019 Minnesota State Fair.

The best way to get to the Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair is the Great Minnesota Get Together, but how do you get two million people to the Fairgrounds? Unless you arrive when gates open or have handicap parking access, I really do not recommend parking on the Fairgrounds.… Read the rest

10 Minnesota State Fair foods you need to eat, 2018 edition

Here's a roundup of the best foods I ate at the 2018 Minnesota State Fair.
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