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Twin Cities restaurants offering deals on gift cards to use later

The restaurant community is always there for us. They’re ready to serve you a drink when you’re out celebrating, they feed us when we don’t feel like doing dishes, and they work at times when we would rather be out with friends and family.

Profit margins are slim for restaurants. They face high rents, increasing hourly wages, providing sick leave and medical insurance. And they have to keep menu prices reasonable.

So when a pandemic such as COVID-19 shuts down many restaurants completely, you have to wonder how it will impact the scene when this passes.

We cannot lose the quality restaurants we have in the Twin Cities. Many are offering curbside pickup. Others, even those who are currently closed, are offering deals on gift cards. The extra cash flow helps these restaurants come out of this a little stronger. And when we are all through this, you’ll have gift cards to spend for a fun night out on the town!

  • At Rock Elm Tavern in Maple Grove and Plymouth, you can become a member of the Tavern Backer Burger Club. For $150, you will receive a punch card that will get you a free burger every month for a year. They’re also offering 10% off gift cards when you use promo code SMALLBIZ.