The 27 new craft beers and beverages at the 2018 Minnesota State Fair

In addition to the 27 “official” new foods making their debut at the 2018 Minnesota State Fair, (see the full list and my reviews here) there are 27 new beverages you will find around the Fairgrounds.

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The State Fair prints a Specialty Brews & Beverages brochure, which is available online. You can also ask for it at any information booth on the Fairgrounds.

Some new beers to look out for:

  • Mankato Brewery is pouring the Cake’d Up Celebration Ale, a deep-fried cake flavored beer. It’s description: “The lightly hopped ale features a distinct vanilla aroma and ends up with a comforting, cake-like finish.” They’ll be serving inside The Hanger, an aviation-themed food hall on the north end of the Fairgrounds (formerly the Pet Center).
  • Funnel Cake Cream Ale, available at Coasters, near the Midway
  • LimeLight, available at The Blue Barn, in the West End Market

That’s in addition to two returning beers I adore:

  • The Mini Donut Beer is a delight. Last year, I ate a bag of mini donuts while sipping the beer. I have no shame. They rim the cup in sugar. You’ll find it at the Ball Park Cafe on the outside of the Food Building.
  • Grain Belt’s Blu beer is now available at bars around Minnesota, but it was debuted at the Minnesota State Fair. In the West End Market, you’ll find it as a frozen drink and a perfect way to cool down on a hot summer afternoon. My recommendation is to grab one (or two) and bring them with you to the rooftop of Lulu’s Public House, which offers prime people watching from above.

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