The cheapest beer, pop, and water at the Minnesota State Fair

Don’t overspend on beer, pop and water at the Minnesota State Fair!

I was on KSTP-TV’s Twin Cities Live with the insider advice on who has the best deals.

Prices listed below are from the 2019 State Fair…stay tuned for an updated article! 


Midway Mens Club

Underwood Street behind Visitor’s Plaza and across from the Butterfly House.

$6.50 for 20 ounce taps and $4.00 for 12 ounce taps of Miller Lite, Coors Lite, Michelob Golden Light and Grain Belt.

12 ounce tap of Summit or Grain Belt Blu is $5.

$5 Corona, Blue Moon, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, White Claw and others.


Coca-Cola at Mac’s Grill in Food Building

33 ounces for $3.

Root Beer at Root Beer Barrels

Four locations.

33 ounces for $3.

RC Cola, Sunkist, 7 UP and Dr. Pepper at RC Cola Booth

Near Visitor’s Plaza.

20 ounces for $1.50 with coupon in Blue Ribbon Bargain Book.

The 33 ounces is not the good deal here.

Note: You can bring pop with you to the Fairgrounds.


You can bring a filled water bottle with you onto the Fairgrounds. The Fair has water bottle filling stations.

Rice Kristie Bars

On Carnes near Ye Old Mill.

2 bottles for $3.50 or 1 for $1.95.

They also sell 16 ounces of pop for $1, which is a good deal.

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