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New article in Lavender Magazine!

It was a humbling and amazing day.

I am thrilled to have a piece in Lavender Magazine’s Pride issue. Read my 10 tips on planning an incredible trip to Provincetown, Massachusetts, located on the tip of Cape Cod.

Lavender’s 200 page, all-color issue celebrates everything and everyone the LGBT community represents.… Read the rest

Where you can present a PowerPoint about your single friends


Do you have a friend who is quite the catch but doesn’t have good luck with online dating? Enter The Singles Exchange. Once you get that single friend’s blessing, you can head to the event, hosted by the Grown-Up Club, and work your magic on their behalf.… Read the rest

The event where adults read their childhood diaries in front of strangers…and it’s amazing

In the last few months, I was introduced to “Mortified,” a weekly podcast relying on chapters around the world. The concept is ingenious: adults dust off their childhood journals, diaries and recordings and walk up on a stage to read them aloud…in front of strangers.… Read the rest

Who needs Tinder when you have your car?

New dating app!