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Never use The Lock Up Self Storage

I am beyond disappointed in The Lock Up Self Storage.

On January 24th, 2019, I called to book a 10×20 unit. At that time, they knew my move-in date would be January 30th.

On the afternoon of January 30th, the same day my movers were to place all of my belongings in my storage unit at The Lock Up, I headed over to sign paperwork and grab keys. Unfortunately, I was locked out. A sign was on the door — the office closed due to cold weather. Yes, the office of the heated, indoor storage unit closed.

I did not receive a courtesy phone call letting me know they were closing. No announcement was posted on their Facebook page. So, considering I didn’t have keys or a way to even get inside the building, I call the ’emergency’ number on the sign. I talked with customer service, who puts me on hold and connected with the manager. I’m told that the manager has my phone number and I would get a phone call in 10 minutes.

30 minutes go by with no response.

I call customer service back. I repeat my situation and they put me on hold. I get the same answer — that I would get a phone call back in 10 minutes. I didn’t accept that answer. I asked for the manager’s phone number, which the representative wouldn’t give me.

Instead, I asked for the representative’s manager. The representative said their manager was out for the day, although it wasn’t even 5:00 pm.

I was put through to a regional manager’s voicemail, who returned my call the next day. I asked that the manager of the Minneapolis facility call me back to apologize, for the regional manager said this was their fault. After two business days, I did not from that manager, and so, I took my story public to warn others about how poorly this business is managed. That person never called me back, nor did The Lock Up do anything else — minus one phone call — to remedy the situation, which speaks very poorly of how they run their business.

Because of The Lock Up, I had to immediately find an alternative place to store all of my life’s belongings.

I gave The Lock Up the chance to respond privately and remedy this situation. They did not. I advise you NEVER work with this company.

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  1. Martha

    I too have a complaint about this storage facility! Can I ask you, what was the name (and number if you have it) of the regional manager if you have it. I would like to file a formal complaint! Thank you!!

    1. Give Me The Mike

      Hi Martha,

      I never jotted down the name of the regional manager and I should have. They never followed up via email. I called the main line and demanded to speak to someone who can make a decision. If I were you, I would make a formal complaint with the BBB.

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