May 30, 2023

Give Me The Mike

Exploring Minnesota and Beyond

Here’s a tailored brochure for the day you’re planning to go to the Minnesota State Fair

When I stopped by a Minnesota State Fair Information Booth, I asked the worker what was the number one question she gets. Her answer: what is going on today.

Well, the State Fair has a brochure for that.

Entertainment on the Fairgrounds changes daily. The theme in Dan Patch Park is different every day, the Grandstand show changes each night, and some things are only around for a limited time.

As you plan your trip to the Great Minnesota Get Together, you can see everything that’s happening the day you go.

There’s no need to print it, though. You can pick up a copy at an Information Booth.

2019 Brochures

Day 1: Thursday, August 22nd

Day 2: Friday, August 23rd

Day 3: Saturday, August 24th

Day 4: Sunday, August 25th

Day 5: Monday, August 26th

Day 6: Tuesday, August 27th

Day 7: Wednesday, August 28th

Day 8: Thursday, August 29th

Day 9: Friday, August 30th

Day 10: Saturday, August 31st

Day 11: Sunday, September 1st

Day 12: Monday, September 2nd