For centuries, Provincetown, Massachusetts, located on the tip of Cape Cod, has served as an escape for those in the LGBT community. Those who lifestyles were unwelcome found a place of refuge where they could let their flag fly high.

Today, Provincetown, or Ptown, draws gay and lesbian visitors from around the world. And we’re talking big numbers. During Ptown’s most popular themed week, Carnival, the town of 3,000 swells up to 70,000 people. From mid May to early September, Provincetown plans themed weeks for just about everyone, ranging from bears to women of color.

I teamed up with Lavender Magazine to cover the best of Ptown. Check out my articles:

Special thanks to the Tourism Office of Provincetown and the LGBT-centric Provincetown Business Guild for their help with my journey. Shout out to Chip and David at the Secret Garden Inn for their hospitality!