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Take Lyft and earn free SkyMiles on Delta

I’m a big fan of Delta’s SkyMiles program. The miles you earn never expire, and they can add up quick. I just used some to book a flight for a friend who ended up giving me cash for the ticket.

There are a few ways to earn SkyMiles points without having to hop on a plane. Delta has a dining program where you can get miles when you have a meal at select restaurants. Even better — they have a partnership with Lyft (the carshare service) that lets you earn miles for every ride you take.

I was on KSTP-TV’s Twin Cities Live to explain the Delta-Lyft partnership. I also share other travel hacks, including why you should take the first flight of the day.

Links featured in the segment:

Delta Lyft partnership

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Minneapolis St. Paul Airport Terminal Map

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