The website where Kristen Bell and Chris Pine will read your kid a book for free

With schools closed due to COVID-19, parents are responsible for having to entertain their children all day. I was asked to create a page with free educational resources for students and parents, which you can view here. In particular, one website will help with the bedtime routine and be a joy for both kids and parents.

Storyline Online is a FREE website where celebrities read children’s books. For instance, here’s Chris Pine reading “Clark the Shark.”

Or how about Kristen Bell reading “Quackenstein Hatches a Family.”

Before lunch, you could listen to Allison Janney read you “Carla’s Sandwich.”

Videos can be viewed on YouTube, Vimeo or SchoolTube for free, 24 hours a day.

Storyline Online is a program of the SAG-AFTRA Foundation (Screen Actors Guild). They do accept donations online.

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