My passion for traveling grows with every trip I take. I love finding new things to discover and then sharing what I found to make your vacation even better. My journey to educate travelers, especially those in the LGBT community, has just begun. The list of travel guides below is only going to expand.

With that, tourism board and business guild members are welcomed to reach out! You’ll find my contact info here.


It’s not scary to travel alone

Eating lunch alone in the cafeteria is a fear middle schoolers everywhere face. And frankly, it’s nerve-wracking for many adults, myself included.

I’m sure the eighth grader in me would disagree with this, but it’s okay to eat alone. Read more.


A Change Will Do You Good – The Evolving Charm of Palm Springs

Published in Lavender Magazine 

It’s refreshing to experience the slower pace that vacations usually offer, whether you’re lounging by the pool or taking a lunch break with no end time. Change in routine and scenery do a mind and body good. Read more.


24 Hours in San Diego

San Diego is nothing short of a gem. My trip to Southern California only allowed for a day in the city, so I made sure it was jam-packed with food and activities. Read more.