September 17, 2021

Give Me The Mike

Exploring Minnesota and Beyond

Credit: Star Tribune

What makes a Guinness World Records title?

CBS Sunday Morning interviews Guinness World Records adjudicators to learn what it takes to break a record.

In 2017, I joined the team of Guinness World Records adjudicators. There are 77 of us in the world.

At Kennedy Space Center to adjudicate the fastest circumnavigation of the earth via both poles by airplane.

CBS Sunday Morning followed two of my colleagues, Michael and Christina, to adjudications around the country. A whole lot of passion, time and dedication goes into attempting a GWR record. The final result can be officially amazing.

A correction from the original video: as a native Minnesotan, it should be noted that Winona is in Minnesota, not Wisconsin.

Credit: Star Tribune

The Minneapolis Star Tribune followed me to an adjudication in Rochester, Minnesota in 2019. You can read that feature here.