The most underrated foods at the Minnesota State Fair

You hear about new Minnesota State Fair foods and classic Fair fare, but what is a bit off the beaten path and worth the cash? I asked Twin Cities Live Facebook fans for their suggestions and presented the top picks on KSTP-TV.


Australian Potatoes

  • From Australian Potatoes, on Judson Avenue between Liggett and Clough near the Coliseum
  • Battered and deep-fried sliced potatoes, topped with your choice of cheese, ranch, spicy chipotle sauce, sweet chili sour cream and bacon
  • Cost $11 – 13
  • You won’t want to eat more than a couple potatoes, so you’ll want to split an order with a few people


Cheese On-a-Stick

  • 3 locations on the Fairgrounds, including next to the Carrousel
  • Melted Swiss cheese, deep-fried and on-a-stick
  • Also available with pepper jack cheese
  • The booths have different owners, and they use different batters


London Broil

  • From Butcher Boys London Broil, on Dan Patch just east of the Grandstand
  • Sliced steak served on a hoagie bun with cheese sauce and banana peppers


Onion Rings

  • From Danielson’s & Daughters, located outside the south side of the Food Building
  • Thin onion rings are deep-fried, making them not too heavy and not too potent

Fried Ravioli

  • From Vescio’s, located in front of the Grandstand
  • Available in sausage, beef, cheese and jalapeno, spinach and artichoke, and cheese flavors
  • Vescio’s has been at the State Fair since 1974


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