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40 Ways to Holiday, Day 21: December 13

In 2017, there are exactly 40 days from Thanksgiving Day to New Years Day. And with the elimination of the eighth floor display at Macy’s in downtown Minneapolis and Holiday Lights in the Park in Saint Paul, along with the disappointing change from tradition at Holidazzle, more people than ever are looking for new holiday activities. Enter “40 Ways to Holiday.” Each day between November 23 and January 1 will have at least one event worth checking out, along with plenty of giveaways along the way! Find the full list of days here.

Day 21: Wednesday, December 13

Featured pick: Relax in a salt cave

Salt Cave
Stressed out because of the holidays? Relax inside a salt cave. Photo credit: The Salt Cave Minnesota.

If the stress from a busy schedule, cooking, cleaning and finding the perfect gift have gotten to you, it’s time to take a time out for yourself and jump inside a salt cave. Tonight at The Salt Cave Minnesota, you can check out Sound Bath, which mixes the cave with sounds of a crystal singing bowl and tuning fork which are played live. They vibrate at 528 hertz, which organizers say is the perfect vibration to restore your body and connect to your heart. The cost is $30 and the South Bath starts at 6:00 p.m. in Minneapolis.

Sound Bath
Wednesday, December 13
6:00 p.m.
The Salt Cave Minnesota
Tickets: $30 (book online)

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