Enjoy a 6-course dinner featuring 6 Twin Cities chefs

If you’re looking for a unique dinner experience that will support six Twin Cities restaurants and businesses, you’ll want to participate in Cochon555.

On Thursday, September 10, six Twin Cities chefs will prepare a six course dinner that you can pick up and enjoy from home. That evening, you’ll be invited to a Zoom experience with the chefs who will share expert plating instructions and cooking techniques. They will also answer any questions you may have.

Carry Out with Cochon takes place in Minneapolis on Thursday, September 10. The annual Cochon 555 event features heritage pork.

Meals cost $115 per person and can be picked up on September 10 at St. Genevieve in Minneapolis. In addition to the six courses, you also receive a bottle of wine. You can order your Carry Out With Cochon dinner by clicking here.

Prix fixe menu

  1. Crispy Pork Belly Glazed in a Crab Caramel, Rice, Chilies, Lime and Cilantro
  2. Cambodian Pork Gyoza: Kaw Sach Chrouk, Egg, Black Pepper Soy Glaze, Herb Slaw
  3. Pozole: Hominy, Oregano, Braised Pork, Green Cabbage
  4. Pork Steak Adobado with Frijoles Charros
  5. Roasted Red and Chioggia Beets, Haralson Apple, Celery, Walnut, Arugula, Feta, Dill
  6. Almond Opera Cake: Smoked Lardo Brown Butter Buttercream, White Chocolate Ganache, Mission Fig, Burnt Pecan Meringue

Noteworthy chefs

Cochon 555. Credit: Galdones Photography/COCHON 555.

Cochon555 is a national event, stopping in Minneapolis every year. Cochon, which is the French word for pig, celebrates heritage pork dishes. Chefs are challenged to use pork in creative ways, and the results are spectacular. I’ve had the honor of attending Cochon555 multiple times, and it’s a fun event.

Typically, one chef from the Minneapolis event heads to a national Cochon555 competition. In 2018, Tomlinson won the Grand Cochon contest.

Learn more about Carry Out With Cochon, happening Thursday, September 10, by clicking here.

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