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Talking about the men of Ptown with Miss Richfield 1981

While in Provincetown, make sure to strap on your favorite Walgreens brand nylons, stir up a hot cup of Sanka coffee and see one of Minnesota’s most-famous beauty queens take the stage. For 15 years, Miss Richfield 1981 has brought her show (and glamour) to Ptown. And she’s a big deal out there. I asked her what she loves about the tip…of Cape Cod.

Mike Marcotte: What draws you back to Provincetown every summer as a performer?

Miss Richfield 1981: “Ptown is truly unique for performers in particular. The town has a long history of wonderful entertainers who make appearances sometimes for the summer and sometimes just one night. The likes of Divine and Wayland Flowers are in the history of this town. So for me to continue the tradition is truly an honor that I greatly appreciate! It’s a challenge, because in the height of the season there are 18 shows a night! But even with the competition, the community of performers is wonderful and family-like. We see each others’ shows and form a wonderful bond of oneness. Ptown is a great place to work.”

MM: Compare the men of Provincetown to the men of the Twin Cities.

Miss R: “I adore my Minnesota boys with that handsome corn-fed appeal. But I think the difference here is that Ptown attracts both national and international men! So whatever your flavor, you’ll find it in here. Plus, the boys seem to have a more relaxed attitude in Ptown, so you’ll probably make some new friends during your visit.”

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Photos courtesy of Russ King.

MM: If you haven’t experienced Ptown before, what are you missing?

Miss R: “Ptown is the one time I feel the word “unique” is appropriate. I love visiting my favorite homo cities across the U.S.A. and the world. But Ptown is the only city I’ve ever visited where it is truly integrated – where you walk down the street and see two fellows holding hands next to a family from Ohio next to a pack of lesbians heading to a show next to a leather queen in nothing but leather pants! It’s a wonderful melting pot of straight and gay, and young and old, thin and fat, and cotton and polyester – all together for a good time!”

MM: The first thing you need to do when arriving to Ptown is…

Miss R: “Buy a lobster roll and rent a bike!”

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