The event where adults read their childhood diaries in front of strangers…and it’s amazing

Mortified is the podcast you need in your life. Photo credit: Mortified.

In the last few months, I was introduced to “Mortified,” a weekly podcast relying on chapters around the world. The concept is ingenious: adults dust off their childhood journals, diaries and recordings and walk up on a stage to read them aloud…in front of strangers. Those readings are recorded and then pieced together in themed episodes, which range from confessions of celebrity crushes (common and not so common) and awkward relationships to first kisses and forced family togetherness.

“Mortified” has producers in cities around the world — from Los Angeles to Dublin. And fortunately, there’s one here in the Twin Cities. The Minnesota “Mortified” producer notified me that tickets are still available for their next show, coming up on Saturday, June 17 at Como Dockside in Saint Paul. You can order those here. I’ll be there and I cannot wait to laugh.

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