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The hidden grocery store at the Minnesota State Fair

Do you need a couple aspirin after a Midway ride or did the deep-fried candy bar give you some heartburn? There’s a place on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds that can help.

Welcome to Steichen’s Grocery Store and Deli. It’s really hidden. If you’re at the All You Can Drink Milk booth, head north toward the Grandstand and turn left before you hit Cafe Caribe. Steichen’s has served Fairgoers for 90 years, carrying essentials for those who live at the Fair during the 12 day run. It also serves as a “oh shoot” spot in case you forgot to pack something in your fanny pack. They sell Advil, Tums, hearing aid batteries and other essentials.

In addition to convenience store items, they do have a build-your-own hoagie counter, although they’re pretty expensive and aren’t really the reason why you go to the Minnesota State Fair.

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