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Get a free 4-week healthy meal plan, including grocery list

During the winter months, the days are short, the nights are long, and if you’re like me, you just want to sit on the couch and watch television with some comfort food.

The start of a new year is a great opportunity to hit reset on those habits, allowing you to get off the couch and eat a bit healthier.

The Minnesota Beef Council, the Minnesota Pork Board, Real Food Dietitians, and Nourish Move Love are ready to help you get into gear with a FREE 4-week healthy meal and workout plan.

30 Day Meal Plan and Workout Calendar

The meal calendar includes a grocery list to make your shopping easier. It’s designed so you won’t have to make a new recipe for every single meal. It’s created by Dietitians Jess and Stacie from Read Food Dietitians. You will find the meal plan here. Again, it’s free!

In addition to the meal plan, Lindsey Bomgren of Nourish Move Love created free workouts that can be done in your own home with minimal (if any) equipment necessary. The workouts are free and are accessible to all fitness levels. You will find the videos for each workout here.

To get all the information in one spot, check out this link.

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