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It’s colder in Minnesota than it is in Antarctica


January 2019 update: we did it again!

A quick check of the weather app on the trusty phone shows that the air temp in Minneapolis on January 29, 2019 is colder than Antarctica. In fact, it’s colder than many other places known for being cold:

Stay warm!

Original article from a cold snap in 2017 —

Minnesotans are strong, brave and bold. That’s because it’s colder in the North Star State than in places typically associated for being really cold.

Yep. It’s cold.

The high on Tuesday, December 26, 2017 in the Twin Cities was 1 degree. This weekend, high temperatures aren’t expected to go above zero. Northern Minnesota has it even worse. The forecast low in International Falls, Minnesota on Wednesday, December 27th is -28 degrees.

So who has it better temperature wise? Here’s a roundup:



Now, it is summer in Antarctica, but the continent known for bitter cold, snow and penguins is warmer than it is in Minnesota. The forecast high for Wednesday, December 27th is 8 degrees.

North Pole, Alaska


North Pole, Alaska, located in the center of the state, is thousands of miles from the actual North Pole, but on Tuesday, December 26th, they saw a high of 1 degree. At this part of the year, the town sees less than three hours of sunlight a day. High temperatures for the actual North Pole this week are forecast between -19 and -25.

Lillehammer, Norway


The amount of sunlight in Lillehammer, Norway isn’t much better than the amount they get in Alaska. The home to the 1994 Olympic Games had a high of 30 degrees on Tuesday, December 26th.

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    I just sent this article to both my son’s! One here in Florida where I claim to be a Minnesota refugee and one in Georgia where it’s still too cold!

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